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Caft Coffee is a coffee import and export company run by a professional and dynamic staff focused on quality, transparency and sustainability. It creates a valuable and sustainable supply chain from local farmers and the world's leading end product producers to the end user. We strive to build a sustainable relationship based on professionalism and reliability in supplying excellent coffee at competitive prices with on-time delivery. 


Caft Coffee develops coffee partnerships with both the world's green coffee exporters and coffee roasters, aiming to create mutual benefit worldwide by constantly focusing on the supply chain and creating value.  Kavurma We produce long-term supply chain solutions for our customers to meet the requirements of traceability, verification, participation in the countries of origin and conceptualization of specialty coffee partnerships. With the motto of Quality and Efficiency; We discover the perfect flavors for you. We would like to introduce you to  special green coffee beans reliably sourced from fertile soils, washed or natural  treated _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb358_bad5c

For Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel &  Offices


You can order wholesale coffee for your cafe, restaurant, hotel or office on our website. You will save time by visiting a wholesaler or placing your orders from dozens of places in one place. We can use special logistics companies for tonnage orders in your wholesale shopping. . For local coffees, espresso options and coffee machines, offers high quality, wide and affordable solutions to professionals. Special beans selected from the world's leading farms in coffee production; Roasted by our master roasters, with a unique recipe for each coffee.

Thus, the natural aroma components that local coffees add from the soil they grow emerge in their purest and flawless form. 

If you want to get more detailed information, you can reach our customer service from the contact form or by calling our company. | +90 850 220 6089

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